This is the most important part of creating a home for you and your family. Since you will have no need to try to fit items and ideas important to you within an existing plan, we will create a home around those ideas. It is at this point that we begin to match the function areas of your design to accommodate the form and flow of your home. You will be provided with up to 20 hours of consultation at no cost to you.


With your input we will then design a home unique to you and your family. You will be provided with up to 20 hours of design work at no expense to you. Relative to your interior design and function, you will be meeting with specialists of the providers of your flooring, interior and lighting. In addition you will be meeting with the kitchen designer of the company who will be crafting your cabinets. This step is often a process of an exchange of ideas and renderings until everything is exactly as you wish it to be. There is no cost associated to all of the consulting with the provider specialists.


Once we have every aspect of your finished home exactly as you want it to be, we will then start the actual construction process. This project will develop in a set number of stages. During this step you will be invited to visit the project site to learn how all of your objectives are being accomplished and to become more familiar with the special relationships of the function, form and flow of your new home. Up to the stage of applying the sheetrock to your home, you may make any changes in room size within the foundation area of your home. There is no cost associated with any design changes made at this or any earlier stage as they relate to our design teams. Some changes may require a revision of your building permit and there may be additional costs incurred by you to cover the additional costs assessed by the building permit departments for the revisions.

Your warranty provides coverage for workmanship, materials and systems defects, and major structural defects as defined in the Warranty Document.
Your new home warranty provider, Bonded Builders, recognizes that we meet the industry's highest quality standards. Bonded Builders only endorses builders who are dedicated to building fine homes with quality materials and superior craftsmanship, from foundation to rooftop.

As a Bonded Builders partner, we were rigorously evaluated to assure that:
  • we meet all Underwriting Department criteria.
  • we have a track record of long-term, across-the-board satisfaction, based on customer references.
  • we pass financial stability and business longevity reviews.
  • our response time to warranty requests and overall customer service meets or exceeds homebuyer needs.